Weekend scenes

01 May 2017

I spent a few hours of Sunday at work, which made me savour the time I had at home. The days were sunny and bright and I pottered around the house catching up on podcasts and making sourdough and yoghurt. Tony jokingly calls this my happy little melon time.

I also started work on a small gardening project. A little while ago, I noticed a raised garden bed in our apartment complex. It was bare but also quite big. Over Easter, I showed my friend Sabine and she came up with a plan.

She suggested using bricks to section off a third, so I didn't have to take on the whole bed. She even gave me the bricks, lent me some tools and showed me how to turn the soil and make a brick fence. I added some new soil, came face to face with some worms and eventually planted kale, pak choy and rocket. I'm excited to see how it grows.

By Sunday night I was spent. I'd made a lot of messes and cleaned them all up, and then Tony came home and made Philly Cheese Steak pasta for dinner :)

P.S Is anyone else listening to Pregnant Pause? The last episode was so unexpected and nuanced.

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