Weekend links

19 May 2017

What've you been up to this week? I've been watching The Chefs' Line with my Dad and catching up with friends for dinner and cake. Tony's arriving in Sydney soon, to check out The National and drive us back to Canberra on Sunday. It has been a busy and full week, I'll tell you more about it soon. In the meantime:

A hilarious birthday cake.

Are you a fox or a hedgehog? Hedgehogs sounds pretty good :)

How to navigate a career change.

Nirrimi always nails it.

Saving this for when we finish the second season of Master of None.

What does simple living really mean?

A Tinder-like app for parents.

Love this floral dress.

A second Smitten Kitchen cookbook is on its way! Here's a preview.

On interviewing a racist - mind-blowing in so many ways.

And a weekend baking suggestion - chocolate and salted macadamia cookies.

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