New books

16 May 2017

I packed a bunch of new books for my trip to Sydney and I'm getting through them. On the weekend my friend Sarah gave me a copy of The Little Book of Slow, which is a pocket-sized book about simple living and slow cooking.

So far I've made two pies from the recipe section - a hearty meat pie and an apple and cinnamon pie - both for my parent's freezer. It's been such a sweet reference book to have in my holiday backpack. Bonus points for colour coordinating with my notebook and novel :)

I'm also flicking through Note to Self, which I stumbled across in a Melbourne bookstore. It reminds me of the blogs and zines I read in my uni days - some of the chapters are diary-like and there are beautiful photos of everyday life and the occasional poem too.

It's an easy one to dip in and out of and it's partly about living more mindfully. I can whiz through dozens of pages in the time that I might spend scrolling through Instagram.

P.S I also bought the latest Haruki Murakami book but I thought two hardbacks might be a little much for a week away. It's waiting for me at home.

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