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08 May 2017

I'm about to start my third Banana Yoshimoto book in as many months (I'm up to this one). Her stories are addictive and sad, and remind me of the work of another favourite author, Haruki Murakami.

Earlier this year I stumbled across this quote, about how she lives and works: "I will make my life simpler, aiming to have more freedom and fewer responsibilities."

It popped into my head after a restless Sunday, where my mind wouldn't stop racing. So this week, I'm planning to give myself a break and properly chill out after work. I'm hoping to read lots :)

P.S What are you having for dinner this week? I'm planning to make onion fried rice with Kewpie mayo, kale, tomato and lemon spaghetti and Japanese chicken and egg rice bowls. I also managed to track down the American toffee bar needed to make these choc chip cookies on the weekend.

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