Do you have any role models?

11 May 2017

I was texting my sister the other day and she asked whether I had any role models. I look up to lots of different people, from Sofia Coppola to Anna Sale. But these three women immediately came to mind:

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Kerry Diamond is the co-founder and editorial director of Cherry Bombe, a beautiful and substantial magazine about women in food. I'm inspired by her feminism, her political activism, and her commitment to diversity and community.

Kerry also hosts Radio Cherry Bombe, a weekly podcast. I can recommend this episode about a bakery with a social conscience, this interview about ice cream and the financial side of starting a business and this hilarious episode featuring Martha Stewart.

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I share a lot of recipes and articles from Joy the Baker and that's because Joy Wilson's blog reminds me to eat well, take risks and spend time with good people. Her recipes are reliably delicious and she writes about everything from being single to social injustice.

I've made lots of Joy's recipes but my three favourites are cookies and cream choc chip cookies, roasted tomato and garlic pasta and Thai beef and veggie bowls.

A friend put me on to Molly Wizenberg's blog Orangette a few years ago, when we were swapping favourite recipes and food blogs. Her writing, like her Instagram account, is honest and real. She's written about how her sexuality shifted, along with what she's cooking and reading.

Recently, I enjoyed her interview on The Food Podcast and I've just ordered her first book, A Homemade Life, which includes recipes too :)

P.S The photo of Sofia Coppola inside her New York office is from Le Monde.

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