Catching up

02 April 2017

We spent the weekend catching up on jobs around the house, which helped clear my head and make room for more creative thoughts. I finished listening to S-Town while running errands (my verdict: it's brilliant, even if I was cynical in parts) and now the pantry is re-stocked and the garden is coming back to life. We even made it to the art school ball.

After a busy March, it was really nice to slow down and take stock. I could feel myself getting a little anxious these past few weeks, going from one thing to the next. But now I'm feeling ready for the month ahead. Tonight I'm making porcini tomato pasta and might watch Julie & Julia if Tony has to head back to the studio.

P.S Here's what we're having for dinner this week: curried lentils and rice, smoky beet burgers and pea and parmesan soup :)

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