All things April

24 April 2017

What are you getting up to in these few days of the month? I have a batch of Anzac cookies in the oven (I'm trying this recipe) and have just started the last season of Girls. Everyone's been saying it's the best season yet.

I finally bought a new fragrance while we were on holidays in Melbourne. I haven't worn perfume for years and this essential oil based fragrance is bright and floral without being too full on. It's my first roll on perfume and I love that it's pocket sized.

I'm going to try Jamie Oliver's chicken in milk, which has been described as "a slightly odd but really fantastic combination that must be tried." Bonus - it's a one pot meal.

And I'm about the finish the first season of How to Be a Girl, a podcast about parenting a transgender child. The host, who uses the pseudonym Marlo Mack, is warm and honest while sharing one of the biggest challenges of her life.

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