March fun

01 March 2017

Happy March! Here are four fun things to kickstart your month, starting with the podcast everyone's talking about - Missing Richard Simmons. It's about a fitness guru from the '80s who takes a sudden break from his very public life. I started listening on the weekend and it's equal parts intriguing and fun.

Good news - the new season of Love is less than two weeks away. Tony and I watched the first season in a day, when we were both at home with the flu. This year will be different. Also the second season of Master of None is coming soon!

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I am still thinking about Insomniac City, a month or so after I finished reading it. The Good Weekend published an extract over the weekend, if you're interested in checking it out.

And I've been enjoying all of the extra Moonlight coverage that's come with the Oscars. The Daily had an interview with director Barry Jenkins (listen from 9 minutes), The New York Times profiled Mahershala Ali back in October and he was interviewed with his wife Amatus on Death, Sex & Money last year. This interview with Alex Hibbert, who played the lead character as a young boy, is also super sweet.

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