Snapshots from Sydney

28 February 2017

I caught the early bus to Sydney on Sautrday to hang out with my family and celebrate my special nephew's third birthday. I came home on Sunday night with a stash of presents and a belly full of treats. Here are a few photos from my phone:

On Saturday morning I decided to brave the sideways rain and pick up a box of fancy donuts on the way to my grandmother's house. It was worth it - after lunch my Dad and I sampled all the flavours and ranked them. He went back for seconds, eating them in reverse order so he could end on his favourite.

Later that night I showed my grandmother what Facebook looked like on my phone, after she pulled out an old article about the charity Mark Zuckerberg and Pricilla Chan set up after their daughter was born.

Before I left Canberra, I made a batch of sugar cookies for my honorary nephew Bryn who turned three last week. I really wanted to make a number three cake for him but didn't want to brave the bus with it! The cookies were a hit - I lost count of how many he ate :)

My friend Vanessa organised a picnic at Nielsen Park for the party and it was a beautifully sunny but not too hot Sunday. We ended up having a mini treasure hunt, hiding presents behind bushes and rocks. I chose a Duplo digger set, which he loved.

I came home with some surprise gifts! Vanessa gave me a hefty fry pan from France as a belated Christmas present - it's meant to be sturdier than a cast iron skillet. My mum gave me a funny eye mask and my friend Jill lent me a copy of Julie Koh's short stories, which I'm going to start on the weekend.

After a full year in Canberra, the novelty of living so close to Sydney still hasn't worn off. I fell asleep on the bus home and am already planning my next trip to see a play and try Ume burger.

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