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27 January 2017

We're packing our (borrowed) boogie boards and heading to the coast this weekend and I couldn't be more excited! We've chosen books and DVDs and are looking forward to being a few minutes from the sea. I'll share a few photos next week. In the meantime:

How inspiring were the Women's Marches? I loved these signs my friend Emma took.

Related - how to fight fake news.

I've been listening to this documentary series all week.

Love this roadside stall.

Obama read 10 civilian letters every day via Joy.

Have you heard Solange's latest album? I play it non-stop and especially love the commentary on race relations in between songs. Brave work.

Lucy Feagins of The Design Files on her daughter's first year.

And I'll be trying these beet burgers :)

P.S I wanted to share something. My beloved grandfather, we called him Goong Goong, died last Friday. He was 88, a very lucky Chinese number. I will miss him so much. He's the last person I saw when we left our wedding reception in 2014. We had a daytime wedding and so had a bubble farewell, instead of one with sparklers. I'm sure I said 'Bye Goong Goong!!' three times but he was too busy blowing bubbles.

I am doing fine. I am sad but in the last week I've learnt so much about his life outside our family - I found this tribute illuminating his dedication to the Chinese community in Australia especially comforting.

And one more thing - it's amazing how all kinds of people show their love and support. From my girlfriend who stayed up late chatting when the news had finally sunk in, to my manager who wanted to know more about him and whether he left a memoir (he did), to my cousin Mel, who sent me a message as soon as she heard, when I hadn't found a way to tell anyone. It makes me see that we can  help each other in so many ways.

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