New year, new podcasts

18 January 2017

Are you listening to anything great at the moment? I've just started getting into podcasts again after a long break over summer. Right now, I look forward to getting home from work, putting on an episode of Strangers as I start to make dinner and unwind.

I really loved Eleven Up, which came recommended by my most favourite e-newsletter. It was a fascinating story that didn't shy away from big ethical questions. I've since enjoyed Jo & Fayaz  (I love love stories - Tony makes fun of this all the time) and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman.

The host, Lea Thau, has an incredibly gravely voice and is generous with her commentary too - you learn as much about her life as you do the people who feature on the show. And a fun fact: she also created The Moth podcast and The Moth Radio Hour. So if you love true stories about strangers - I think you'll love this podcast too.

Speaking of podcasts, I've also been dipping in and out of Hidden Brain after discovering it through This American Life last year. Getting Unstuck is particularly great for this time of year.

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