Let's catch up + a second birthday

08 January 2017

Happy 2017! Did you have a good break? For the first time in ages I feel relaxed and creatively recharged. I'm even ready to head back to work tomorrow. But before then, I wanted to share a few things I enjoyed over the summer. Think of it as an extra-long weekend links post:

This summer mixtape by Lovely Head.

Bill Cunningham's unpublished photos.

Harissa meatballs.

A few nice things happened last year.

Choc peppermint slice.

Finished this book in two days flat.

An interview with Diane Keaton from her Annie Hall days.

How to host a fancy dinner party for $50.

Alicia Garza and Stan Grant: Why Black Lives Matter.

20 life changing habits.

Paterson was excellent as was Weiner (which is on Netflix).

Two weekday dinners - fettuccine with caramelised onion, kale and goats cheese and chicken and cashew Massaman curry.

An extra motivating back-to-work sandwich that's vego too :)

And I've been slowly making my way through this excellent list of stand out podcast episodes from 2016. I especially enjoyed In the Dark, Boy in the Photo, How To Be Amazing, Movements, High Crimes and Misdemeanors and Majd's Diary.

P.S - My blog is two! And so we have coconut cake :) Thank you for visiting my corner of the internet, for emailing to say hi, leaving a comment or texting to let me know what you've enjoyed. I really appreciate it and can't wait to find more great things to share this year.

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