Small presents that punch above their weight

12 December 2016

When I started my new job, just over a year ago, I was pretty scared. I'd been in my last position for five years - enough time to really settle in and feel confident about most things. While I was still with the same organisation, I was moving to a new city and a bigger office where I would be working on a pilot project.

Work remained daunting for months but now that I'm days away from going on holidays (yipeee!) I can truly appreciate how much I've learnt from the people around me. Which naturally brings me to my favourite chocolate chip cookies :) I'd been wracking my brain for ways to say thank you to the people who have helped me most (some daily!) before I settled on something simple and homemade. Here are a few other ideas for small gifts that may not cost must but can say heaps:

A handwritten card

I visited Tony in the studio the other day and he was excited to show me a card that had been left for him by another artist who works in the same complex. She wrote to congratulate him on his recent exhibition and share what she enjoyed most about his show.

Sometimes I struggle to write cards - the blank space can freak me out - but Tony has given me some great advice in the past. He says to take a moment to think about what you really want to say and simply write that. If your'e writing a thank you note, I thought these tips that came via Jo were great.

A personalised CD

My first car had a cassette player, so I became a very dedicated mix tape maker and the lucky recipient of many personalised tapes too (one of my girlfriends even made me a Christmas tape!). When I was in uni I used to burn CDs for friends, especially when they needed cheering up.

The other day my friend Irini texted to say that she had been listening to one in the car with her husband, who recognised the song I walked down the aisle to (!). So for Christmas this year, I'm making her an updated one. I'm still in the planning stages but it's super fun.

P.S My final story for the year went up today, and it's one I'm especially proud of. It's here if you're keen to check it out :)

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