Mini lemon birthday cake

13 December 2016

It's Tony's birthday today so I made a cake that combines two of his favourite desserts - cheesecake and lemon meringue pie. This time last year, we were staying in a bed and breakfast in Wagga Wagga for his PhD graduation so he ended up with a Streets Viennetta!

I used a recipe from Small Victories - one of my favourite cookbooks from 2016 - for the cake. It's a lemon olive oil cake that comes together really quickly, making it perfect for weeknight baking. Then I made a small batch of cream cheese icing to finish it off.

The pineapple candle makes it look extra festive :) My friend Kristy sent them all the way from Perth. We're about to head out to eightysix for dinner (I'm ordering for the fried chicken!) and then I have one more surprise up my sleeve - a nightcap at Molly, a speakeasy that specialises in whisky. I love birthdays!

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