2016 Christmas Wish List

07 December 2016

Are you ever get tempted to buy yourself a little present while you're out Christmas shopping? The thought occurred to me today :) I've seen so many nice things lately - big and small - here are a few of them just in case you're still shopping for a friend or sister. First up, a cheery face bag ($12) to help reduce our plastic bag use and encourage trips to the library.

I've been curious about beeswax wraps all year. This starter-pack ($35) is practical and cute and could be used for storing cheeses, packed lunches and snacks.

Last summer I accidentally bought sunscreen that made me smell like a swamp. This one ($40) is SPF 50 and smells great, which means I wouldn't hesitate to reapply.

It's ben an incredible year for cookbook releases, I've reserved Grown and Gathered ($45) at the library but would happily give it a permanent place on my bookshelf. Dorie's Cookies too.

Our local pool has recently re-opened for summer and funny light-weight towel ($39.95) would fit easily in my bicycle basket. A pool or yoga pass would make a great gift too.

I have a thing for grey handbags and this crossbody bag ($149.95) fits just the essentials.

And finally I've always admired Milly Dent's creations and think this marbled cup ($44) will be an end of year treat :)

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