Lipstick for shy girls

23 November 2016

Ages ago, my friend Angie came to brunch wearing a fun knitted jumper and bright pink lipstick. It was such a cute look and I made a mental note to give lipstick another go. I asked my friend Alison if she could help, she's make-up artist who makes everything beauty seem easy and fun. Here are her tips, just in time for the festive season :)

Do you wear lipstick every day? How do you get into the habit of putting it on?

Yes, I wear some form of lip product every day - I just don't feel complete or like I can tackle the day without it now!! I think it's such a fun way to introduce a pop of colour into your outfit. As a busy mum with two kids, wearing a bright lip colour means I don't have to spend as much time on my eyes and I can get out the door quicker (well I try to anyway!). 

Are there any tricks to wearing it with confidence? I'm constantly thinking - is it on my teeth? Is it still there? How often should I be touching it up?

If you are wearing lipstick for the first time, try a lighter colour as it can tend to end up in random places all over the face! Or otherwise there are some great products out there that are long lasting and stay, so they're also a good option to ease the nerves of wearing a bold colour. Touching up with lipstick needs to be done regularly - after you eat or drink is a good starting place.

I'd love to know how wearing lipstick changes your mood, outfit or look.

Lipstick is an amazing mood enhancer! I can't tell you how much a bright crazy colour can make you feel adventurous and it definitely brings a smile to everyone's face! Colour reflects emotion and so a lovely bright colour can help brighten, as much as a dark soulful colour can make you feel strong and courageous, or a light colour can make you feel romantic and flirty.

I'm starting from scratch - what can you recommend?

Mac's Vegas Volt is a great punchy coral, perfect for coming into the summer months! Younique's new matte liquid lipstick in Spontaneous is a gorgeous mulberry colour and feels so creamy on your lips. And if you're after a creamy lipstick that stays on then Lime Crime's Matte Velvetines in Red Velvet is a gorgeous statement red - every girl needs a classic red in their purse!

Thank you Ali! Alison is a mobile make-up artist who runs Gypsygirl Beauty. She travels around the Riverina region of NSW and to the ACT too. She also has her own studio in Temora, where she's based. When Ali did my wedding make up, I felt like myself just way more beautiful :) 

Illustration by Danielle Urdinlaiz. Photos by Alison Swanston and Killarney Photography.

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