Cute shoes for Summer

07 November 2016

It was 26 degrees today and so I'm putting my boots away for another year and am on the hunt for summer shoes. Here are four pairs I have my eye on, starting with these pale suede slides that I could wear to work and on the weekend too.

My super stylish friend Irini wore these Adidas slides when she came to visit and I'm tempted to copy :)

When I was in high school I had a pair of knock-off Birkenstocks from Big W that made this horrible farting sound as I walked. Now that I have a job that pays more than four dollars an hour, I can afford this snakeskin pair to wear to picnics and the Sunday markets.

And finally this is my go-to shoe for running errands, going for afternoon walks with Tony and for holidays too. I own the same pair in black and am seriously considering a white pair.

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