Collector pit stop

20 November 2016

We've embraced quick trips to Sydney this year, now that we're a good 200km closer. Most weekend visits are jam-packed with catch ups and events but today we were able to get away a little earlier than usual. We stopped by roadside fruit stalls (hooray for mango season!) and finally checked out the town of Collector.

I've been busting to check out Some Cafe ever since I read about it on Megan's blog. The drive home was sunny and hot so we ordered frittata, salad and sodas. There was also a caramel slice for the road :) The Collector Wines cellar door is in the same building and it's beautiful and friendly. Fun fact: most of their wines are named after Rosaline Gascoigne artworks.

This last visit to Sydney was especially family driven. We celebrated our nephew's second birthday and spent some time with my grandfather, who has been in and out of hospital. There was also tea and The Good Weekend quiz with Tony's parents, and pizza and Pictionary at my sister's place. It's lovely to be home, it's storming and we're planning some kind of pasta for dinner. And after a week of taking a break from the news last week, we may also watch this. Have a great week :)

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