A new cookbook + an indoor picnic

13 November 2016

I messaged my friend Maayan the other day to say that I'd found a recipe book that summed up our friendship, written by Molly Yeh who is Chinese and Jewish. Soon we were planning a picnic so I could try out a few recipes, mainly the scallion pancake challah and the homemade hummus.

We picked the worst day for a picnic - it was blowing a gale and raining in unpredictable bursts so we relocated to my apartment for a picnic inside. Tony made cups of tea for everyone while May and Sam unpacked chicken pate, cold meats, snowpeas, radishes and mangoes.

I also made a salad and had white chocolate cupcakes and strawberries ready for lunch dessert. I took a photo of the challah before it went in the oven, in case I stuffed it up mid-bake. It's filled with spring onions, chilli flakes and sesame oil.

Molly Yeh's cookbook is awesome. If you read her blog, it fills in some of the blanks about how she came to blog about food and how she met her husband, Eggboy. It's also really entertaining and packed with new recipes. I've made three things so far and I'm slowly working my way up to the cake on the cover that has suspended sprinkles inside!

Here's what else I've been flipping through lately - I picked up Sophie Hansen's Local Is Lovely at the library yesterday and added some sourdough starter to her pikelet recipe. And we're having burgers tonight from the Huxtaburger book, which was a birthday present from my friend Kristy :)

P.S If you're a Molly Yeh fan-girl like me you might also like her interview on My Open Kitchen and Radio Cherry Bombe. Recipe-wise I made lots of friends with these chocolate and green tea cupcakes (and learnt how to use a piping bag), changed my mind about tahini with this sheet cake and this quick peanut butter cake is worth memorising. Also she's the best on Instagram.

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