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14 October 2016

Tony has an exhibition opening tonight and we're getting ready to welcome family and friends from Sydney and Wagga Wagga. It should be a busy weekend and so I'm keeping my plans super simple - make it to the farmer's market, go for a walk/run and if there's time a little picnic would be lovely too. Hope you've had a great week.

A beautiful book.

The second US Presidential debate, drawn live.

Plus the making of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump via Siobhan.

How to make classic garlic bread.

I love this muu muu.

May Gibbs x Kip & Co (here's my pick).

Gruyere mac and cheese with caramelised onion.

Did anyone else watch the first episode of Man Up this week? I found it incredibly moving.

A spinach and parmesan quiche for one!

And a new-to-me blog from Melbourne.

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