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07 October 2016

I went for the loveliest wander after work the other night. I ducked into bookshops, walked past a bunch of different restaurants as they started to fill up and went home when I felt hungry. So after a sleepy start to the week, you could say I am now 100% behind daylight savings :) Here are a few happy things to share:

Julia Child facts.

A surprisingly moving story about an alien abduction.

Curious to try these sourdough brownies.

A sweet baby shower set up.

A crazy great episode from the Radiolab archives.

Hannah Kent has a new book.

This doco captures the creative process so well.

Mini apple cakes for care packages.

Cinnamon Bun Day.

Plus two podcasts I've been listening to this week - Danie put me onto The Lively Show and I loved the episodes with Joy Wilson of Joy the Baker and Joy Cho of Oh Joy! And thanks to Megan for pointing out a new Australian food podcast My Open Kitchen.

Catch you next week!

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