Summer plans

05 October 2016

Do you have plans for the summer holidays? We're almost there. So far we've booked a cute Airbnb in Melbourne to check out the David Hockney exhibition and hear Jad Abumrad speak. Then we'll head to Sydney to spend Christmas with our families - it'll be my nephew's first Christmas :)

Right now we're trying to decide on the third leg of our summer holiday, a little beach stay before it's time to head back to Canberra. We're tossing up between a road trip to the coast (where all Canberrans go!) or renting an apartment near Sydney's northern beaches.

If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears! We've made plenty of weekend trips this year - to MelbourneSydney and back to Wagga Wagga - so I'm excited about a holiday that's a bit more substantial.

Photo from my Airbnb wish list :)

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