Spring news + small celebrations

25 October 2016

Our first year in Canberra is almost up and so is my contract for work. But on Friday I signed a new one, we renewed our lease for another year and booked a beach house for summer. After a slow start to the week it felt awesome. Here are a few happy snaps from the weekend just past:

At the end of the week I love to clear my head by stopping at the farmers markets on the way home from work. There were heaps of new stallholders last week, including one selling mini bouquets and cookies. I'd been quietly hoping that we'd be able to stay in Canberra, so I bought this little bunch to celebrate.

My usual Saturday morning yoga class was relocated at the last minute to the Nishi Gallery. It's a beautiful (and minimal) concrete space with plenty of skylights, which made for good cloud gazing in some of the more relaxing poses :) 

New flowers seem to be blooming in the gardens that surround our apartment block every day. Lately it's been bearded irises and this little guy (I'm not sure what it is!). Even when I can't see them, I can smell them as soon as I step out onto our balcony. It makes everyday things like watering the pot plants extra nice.

And on Sunday afternoon Tony came back from his trip to Sydney. We went out for big bowls of pasta to catch up and planned to see Woody Allen's new movie but didn't quiet get there, so it's something to look forward to later in the week.

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