Recipes to Try

12 October 2016

Earlier this year I read that food writer Ruth Reichl keeps a manila folder labelled 'Recipes to Try'. I love the idea of a physical folder but aside from bookmarks I've stashed in cookbooks, most of my to-make recipes are online. Here's what's high on my list:

Molly Yeh's scallion challah because I'm back into bread making in a big way.

Smitten Kitchen's five cheese pasta bake for the next time I have friends coming round for dinner and red wine.

Osso bucco with braised cabbage and apple relish, which I'm hoping to get to this Sunday while the weather's still cool.

Rice and zucchini noodles with sundried tomato pesto for days where I'm trying to give pasta a break but can't.

This apple and hazelnut cake because it looks so rustic and pretty.

Plus a recipe I've only just remembered - my favourite peanut butter and honey granola.

P.S I have a tahini sheet cake in the oven right now. It was really quick to make and smells delicious!

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