Found flowers + what I'm reading

17 October 2016

On Sunday, after we'd finally straightened out the house, I picked a few flowers from the gardens that are part of our apartment complex. Everything is in bloom at the moment and even though I felt a little sneaky taking some cuttings, I'm so glad I did.

Right now I'm reading A Year Between Friends: 3191 Miles Apart: Craft, Recipes, Letters and Stories. Every day I'm busting to get home to read a little bit more, even if it's a couple of pages before bed.

The book is based on the 3191 Miles Apart blog, which I discovered a few years ago through a recipe for coconut choc chip cookies. It's a shared blog between two Internet friends, who found each other on Flickr and have been collaborating through photographs for years. They're real life friends now, and the book chronicles a year of their everyday lives and their friendship too.

Inspired by their beautiful photos of everyday life, I snapped these shots late yesterday. I baked a batch of peanut butter granola in between loaves of bread and spent some quiet time reading after a busy few days of catch ups and errands. If you like their blog too, make sure you sign up for their newsletter, it's always a highlight of my Sunday.

P.S I'm also reading The Guest Cat, which I picked up on our Sydney trip. I'm drawn to Japanese fiction but am yet to properly get into this novel. It could be to do with the translation or that fact that I'm only a tiny way in.

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