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09 September 2016

How was your week? I've been researching a science story at work, so my brain needs a really big rest :) I'm home alone tonight and tucking into comfort food (spaghetti bolognese, red wine and choc chip cookies) while catching up on this week's Foreign Correspondent. I hope you have a fun weekend ahead, here's a small contribution:

Almond croissant meets choc chip cookie.

Tiny houseplants.

25 famous women on body image.

Love this handbag.

Dream small.

A yummy looking pasta dinner.

A denim dress for spring.

A no-knead bread I made this week, over three days (I punched it down every 18 hours as recommended by Ruth Reichl).

And finding the Asian Oprah (via Halla).

P.S I made the lamingtons with banana caramel from Lunch Lady this week, inspired by Rachel :)

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