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30 September 2016

Did you have a good week? I spent a few days at an un-conference, meeting a whole bunch of new people and talking about everything from knowing your neighbours to calling out racism. It was so good to take a break from the day-to-day to think big... and play wall ball. This weekend we'll be catching up with some special visitors and finally starting Cooked. Have a fun weekend!

When life gives you lemons (naturally pasta is the answer).

A short (and entertaining) history of US presidential debates.

How far should an ally go?

A decadent coconut cake.

Calling the dead.

Super keen to check out this podcast.

31 genius acts of vandalism via Vanessa.

Your Facebook friend said something racist. Now what? (The flow chart is especially great).

And I made Smitten Kitchen's most popular recipe this week, which tastes like a cross between an apple pie and an apple cake. I took it to work the next day and two people asked the recipe. It's that good.

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