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16 September 2016

Did this week fly by for you too? I love when that happens. This weekend we're having dinner at Monster Kitchen with friends. I'm going to order the yabby jaffle. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for another sunny Spring weekend because there's a sweet street fair I want to check out. I hope you have a relaxing weekend ahead:

This chicken dinner.

Martha Stewart is hilarious on Radio Cherry Bombe.

My true self.

A hand cream that actually works.

This cookbook is on high on my wish list (sample lasagna recipe here, there's turkey and ricotta meatballs too).

Loved this episode of More Perfect about the crossover between race and justice.

I made these chocolate cupcakes with green tea icing for bake off this week and they were a hit :)

The latest season of Chef's Table is set in France, and it's excellent.

It took me a couple of sittings but this account of where President George W. Bush went immediately after the September 11 attacks was compelling.

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