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02 September 2016

How's it going? I'm happy to be feeling better in time for the weekend. I'm going to be reading the latest Lunch Lady, making pizza and banana and choc chip muffins too. I'll also be shopping for a last minute anniversary present - if you have an excellent idea for a cotton-themed gift please let me know :) Have a lovely weekend and enjoy these few good things:

How to shop for clothes online (hint: you need more than a tape measure).

Sweet breakfast.

Or maybe you prefer a Japanese style spread first thing in the morning.

Check out my sister's funny illustrations.

I... hid a bunch of power cords inspired by these two ladies and it felt good. (If you're interested, I used a few of these.)

This is me all the time.

Blank Goods is having a massive sale.

The first part of This American Life's European refugee special was top notch.

And here's something I had the privilege of working on. I produced the podcast for a story a colleague has been diligently investigating for months.

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