The best choc chip cookie recipes

29 September 2016

Last week I stumbled across this gem at a $10 book store and the introduction is so good. Christina Tosi is a bit of a hero of mine. She's the owner of Momofuku Milk Bar and a dessert chef who believes that cookies can help make the world a better place.

She writes, "I want to create a world where cookies let people know it's going to be okay and remind them to let their imaginations run free."

While I haven't had a chance to make any of the cookies from Milk Bar Life yet it did inspire me to share my favourite choc chip cookie recipes - I have five! Right now they include:

Ovenly's salted choc chip cookies - my staple recipe that I love to make for people in good times and bad.

Smitten Kitchen's version is packed with chocolate and the ultimate comfort cookie.

These coconut choc chip cookies have a lovely texture to them, and they're chewy too.

Joy the Baker's milk chocolate and cream cookies are worth the effort (they also have crushed Oreos in them!).

And as a kid, I was obsessed with Neiman Marcus cookies, mainly for the nuts and the insane urban legend that goes with the recipe.

P.S I'm also constantly refining my list, so if you've found a good one, I'd love to know about it. And if you're brave, I stumbled across a recipe for pumpkin and oatmeal choc chip cookies the other day.

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