Rainy Sunday fun

18 September 2016

This morning after a pancake breakfast and a visit to my favourite farmer's market, I joined a cake decorating workshop. Best rainy Sunday! Check it out:

It was a cake topper workshop hosted by The Floral Society, whose work I adore, and it was free! There were a bunch of flowers and greenery to work with and a mini buttercream cake too.

When it came to working with the flowers I was really hesitant at first but went with it and was super happy with how my cake looked in the end. Ta da!

Other good Sunday things - I finished my book, listened to this interview with Helen Garner that Kristy sent me and watched a doco that a friend's been working on. Oh, and there's a whole cake in the fridge to help ease us back into the week. Hope you had a lovely weekend.

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