Easy cheese pizza

04 September 2016

My friend Liz taught me a clever trick last week. If you make your pizza dough before work and stick it in the fridge, it's ready to roll as soon as you get home. Simple but genius, right?

I love Donna Hay's basic pizza dough, and normally top it with sliced baby bocconcini, shredded mozzarella, chilli flakes and fresh basil. It makes the yummiest cheese pizza. You can tell when it's ready when you can smell it - about 20 minutes.

Every now and then I'll make up a big batch of pizza sauce on a Sunday and stick it in the freezer. Lunch Lady has an easy recipe that's basically passata, tinned tomatoes, olive oil and garlic cloves, simmered for as long as you can. It makes a decent pasta sauce too.

We still have lots of pumpkin in the house, so this week I'm going to make a pumpkin, fetta and caramelised onion pizza with fresh rocket. Have a good week :)

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