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25 September 2016

Last week I blitzed my way through the first season of Millennial, a podcast that documents what it's like to be in your twenties and on the hunt for your your first real job. My friend Sarah had mentioned it over lunch and that same week my sister did too.

It's hosted by Megan Tan, who graduates from college and sets out to become a radio producer. She moves out of home, waits tables while she's applying for jobs and records everything along the way.

I'd been warned that there were parts that were hard to relate to, for anyone who's not in their early twenties and that was true. But I found the hardest (and best) episodes to listen to were the ones that I could relate to a little too closely, that captured things we often keep hidden.

There's everything from trying to work out big things like money, when you've just moved out with a boyfriend to trying to keep your ambition in check when it comes to competing against other graduates for work.

It's a super honest podcast about having a professional goal and sticking to it, and parts of it were recorded in a closet!

P.S I'm late to the party but I also started listening to the Token this week from The Guardian. The series started in Australia and has since moved to the UK newsroom but it explores something that's been on my mind a lot lately - race, identity politics and the news.

Photo by Megan Tan.

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