An awesome vegetarian cookbook

13 September 2016

My latest go-to cookbook is The Love & Lemons Cookbook. I bought it for myself last month as a belated birthday present :)

I used to go to the farmer's markets with a very specific list of ingredients for whatever recipe I wanted to cook that weekend. I love this book because all of the recipes are built around one hero ingredient. It makes it easier to buy what looks good at the markets and make a meal around it.

The book is based on the blog of the same name and it's divided into 17 chapters, each based on a different fruit or vegetable. So far I've made the crispy baked eggplant (my favourite), miso and brussel sprout fettucini, pumpkin and black bean enchiladas (a hit with Tony) and the almond granola. It's been an excellent way to eat more veggies, which was one of my goals for the year.

If you're curious there are plenty of recipes to try on the blog. I started with this pumpkin and sage penne and added parmesan cheese and chilli flakes. I'm keen to try these almond butter brown rice crispy treats soon.

P.S - When it comes to eating more greens, I've been washing and spinning a big batch of rocket or salad leaves on a Sunday. And I've been making heaps more salads as a result :)

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