A new dress for spring

21 September 2016

My spring dress arrived last week and for once it's not black. It's actually part of a shopping ritual that started accidentally, a couple of years ago when I bought a black Witchery dress for a job interview.

I didn't get the job but I've worn the dress everywhere, to my hen's party, on my honeymoon, out to dinner and to work most weeks. It's still going strong after two years :)

So inspired by my fluke purchase (and my attempt to give my jeans a break every now and then), I've been buying two new dresses each year. One for the warmer months and another for the cooler ones. 

My most worn dresses are super flattering, work in the office and on the weekend, and they're always machine washable. The last three dresses have been either black or polka-dotted or both - so I'm especially excited about wearing some colour as the weather warms up.

P.S If you're interested, this was my autumn/winter dress from last year. I still wear it every week.

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