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19 August 2016

Hi there, did you have a good week? I've been riding to work again and the mornings have been sunny and sparkly. And I discovered the cutest cycle path coffee stop :) Tomorrow we're having friends round for dinner and I'm planning to serve homemade pasta and espresso brownies. I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead. Here are some good things:

Lunch boxes packed by chefs.

The cutest wrapping paper.

Louis Theroux's Scientology doco is almost here.

Singapore, in all of its pastel glory.

'One life affirming thing every day'

Picking up this book from the library tomorrow :)

Baby presents sorted.

A new favourite dinner spot (get the stewed pork belly!)

A honeymoon for the whole family.

Kate Berry nails it again.

And what I'll be listening to this weekend (if you're an Ira Glass tragic like I am, you'll love this too).

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