Weekend in Wagga Wagga

09 August 2016

We spent last weekend in Wagga Wagga to celebrate the final day of Tony's year-long drawing residency at the art gallery. We stayed on our old street, had dinner at our favourite Thai place and caught up with friends we've really missed. Here's a quick recap:

Tony's been driving back to Wagga Wagga every month to keep working on a drawing project he started last year. It was called Meeting Room 1 and you could book a portrait sitting online, not knowing who in the community would sign up for the same time. Just for fun I signed up for the very first and last sittings. I met someone new on the first day, and shared a sitting with my friend Vanessa on the last.

The gallery was holding a closing party for Tony so we stayed the night in a fancy new hotel on the street that we used to live on. We rarely stay in hotels so I tried all of the toiletries and ate snacks in the bed. At night the tree outside our room was lit up with fairy lights. I resisted the temptation to drive past our old place but waved to our former next door neighbour who drove past me on my way to coffee :)

The party at the gallery felt like the farewell we didn't get around to organising when we left. It was relaxed and intimate, which meant we could catch up with people we hadn't seen in months. Afterwards we had dinner at a Thai restaurant that I'd been homesick for, and I ordered all of my favourite dishes.

On Sunday we caught up with Sally and Fleur, who used to fall asleep in my arms when she was a baby. These days she can fist bump and ask for bikkies. She called out 'See ya!' when it was time to for us to head home.

On the way home we stopped at Jugiong for toasties and talked about what had changed (and what hadn't!) in the time we'd moved away. I'm not sure when we'll be back but it was a mood-boosting trip that I'm glad we could make.

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