Surprise birthday weekend

14 August 2016

I turned 32 yesterday and had the best day - my friends Irini and Angie had organised a surprise visit so I spent the weekend doing all of my favourite things with some of my favourite people. Here's a little look:

Celebrations actually started early, I took the day off on Friday because in between being sick and madly filing stories at work there hadn't been too much time to relax. I went to IKEA to claim my free birthday cake, visited a new nursery to picked out plants for Spring and had the yummiest bento box at Lilotang.

Later that day I had a feeling that something was up. We went shopping and Tony bought lots of food for dinner and enough ice cream to feed a family. He insisted it was just for us but that night my friends Angie and Dave showed up! They'd travelled from Sydney to help celebrate my birthday. Tony made dinner for everyone and we had a few of my favourite dishes, a Philly cheese steak pasta and a big fennel salad. There was plenty of ice cream for dessert :)

On my birthday I woke up to voicemails from my niece and nephew (there's nothing sweeter than a toddler singing you happy birthday) and opened presents with Tony. When we met Angie and Dave for breakfast they had another surprise - my friend Irini and her husband Michael had also snuck into Canberra on Friday night. Irini gave me a stack of books she's been reading and I can't wait to get stuck into them.

I loved having my friends around for the weekend, especially now that we know our way around Canberra a little more. We had brunch at one of my favourite cafes, went shopping in Braddon and visited the art gallery too.

That night we had dinner at Chairman and Yip. The food was excellent and they do a really good job accommodating everyone - we had a vegetarian and a pescatarian in our group. I was feeling pretty giddy by that stage and there was one more surprise - the girls had organised an Unbirthday cake and brought it all the way from Sydney.

On Sunday Tony and I picked up a few little thank you gifts before we met up with everyone again for one last meal (we went here for brunch and everyone was happy!). Afterwards we poked around the book shop and went for a walk before our friends had to drive home. So far 32 is looking very good. There's leftover pasta for dinner, half a chocolate cake in the fridge and lots to be thankful for.

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