Salted caramel fudge (what not to do)

01 August 2016

Now that I'm part of a bigger office (there were just seven people in my last one), there are plenty more milestones to mark. When it comes to farewells, there's always a cake, a giant card and speeches too.

The other month, one of our colleagues brought in a box of salted caramel fudge to share on her second last day. It was moorish and delicious and I made sure I asked for the recipe before she finished up.

I tried it out a few weeks ago, hoping to add something homemade to a few presents I had planned. The recipe is straightforward and a little sticky but not as fussy as making a cake.

Only thing is... my fudge didn't quite set and definitely couldn't travel. I was a little foggy headed when I made it and after some poking around, I've worked out what went wrong. If the fudge mixture doesn't get hot enough, it won't set properly. So if you have a cooking thermometer, I've read that the fudge mixture needs to get up to 115-120 degrees before the white chocolate is mixed in. Or just make sure the mixture comes away from the sides of the pan (I just went with the timing in the recipe).

But it wasn't a total disaster - we now have a sizeable stash of fudge in our fridge which came in handy the other night when Tony's parents stopped by for a cup of tea. I'll give it ago again soon, when there's a new care package to make.

P.S - I have a new approach for buying presents for babies. These days I make sure there's something for the mum as well as the baby (plus food, always food). For my friend Marina it was a box of her favourite tea.

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