Keeping a (micro) journal

17 August 2016

Do you keep a journal? I haven't for years but in the last few months I've been getting back into it with a very simple approach. It started with this journal, which I'd been admiring for months. At the end of every day I write a few notes in the small space allocated for that day.

They're tiny details like comments I've overheard and found funny, delicious things I've eaten and made, along with present ideas too. A few random things make it in, like the cute pair of sneakers my yoga teacher was wearing and notes on how my sourdough can be improved (or thoughts on why it failed!).

I've been really enjoying it as a simple night time ritual that helps me reflect on the day and jot down the things I want to remember. It's also far less daunting than using blank lined notebooks, which I buy all the time but rarely end up using.

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