Five minute packed lunch

21 August 2016

This is my go-to work lunch when there hasn't been any weekend lunch prep because some Sundays are for lazing about. It can be packed in five minutes flat and is based on three ingredients - two slices of sourdough, half an avocado and a good scoop of Persian fetta (goats cheese works just as well).

Most of the time we have pre-sliced sourdough in the freezer, which makes it quick to grab everything and pack it into a lunch box. Here's a slightly different version featuring a yummy onion bagel that made my day:

And lately I've been boiling eggs on a Sunday, so I can add them to my lunch without having to mess around in the morning. It might sound a little strange but I eat them as snacks and they help me ignore the giant Freddos that are always on sale in the break room.

P.S Best case scenario - there's leftover pasta :)

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