A funny end to winter

31 August 2016

I've spent the last few days eating icy poles (doctor's orders!) while I've been home with a mind-numbing bug. It hasn't been all bad - Tony's been sick too and yesterday we were awake enough to watch some TV.

We watched the latest Coen brothers film Hail Caesar! and the first season of Judd Apatow and Lesley Arfin's Love on Netflix. Love was a winner, it was funny and even a little sweet in parts too. We didn't get round to it but we watched the trailer for Sherpa and it looks excellent.

We both went back to work today, I'm still very much on the mend but when I'm better I want to eat spaghetti bolognese and cheeseburgers.

And that's our first Canberra winter just about done. Next time round I'm going to take vitamins, join a gym and accept the free flu shot at work :)

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