Winter lunch prep

06 July 2016

There have been a few tiny shifts at home now that winter has really set in. Our towels spend a lot of time in front of the heater, the alarm is set that little bit later and people keep giving us pumpkins - so many pumpkins.

On weekends when the sun is out and the days are clear, we're out of the house and can walk for hours without breaking a sweat. But by Sunday afternoon I'm ready to head home and spend a few hours in the kitchen.

Meal prep isn't usually my thing but with lots of lovely gifted produce, I've been slowly working my way through the recipes of LunchLady magazine. There's been a lemon and chia seed cake, pumpkin and kale frittatas, pumpkin and lentil rolls along with baked potatoes and choc chip cookies for extra stodge.

Three things make it especially easy - the warmth of the oven, a good playlist and a dishwasher :) I've been listening to this playlist after making my way through this podcast mini-series that my friend Vanessa recommended. So many of the songs are familiar, even if I've never heard them before. If you check out the podcasts, stick it out until the third and final episode - it makes the whole series worthwhile.

And then the best bit - taste testing straight out of the oven :) 

P.S I am cookie dough freezing convert. I made a batch of the yummiest choc chip cookies a few weeks ago and squirreled away four balls of dough. On Sunday night, after the lentil rolls came out of the oven, I put them in and we had instant dessert.

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