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08 July 2016

This weekend feels full of possibilities. With nothing pressing to do, I'm hoping to try out a new sourdough recipe, make a big batch of spaghetti and meatballs (maybe this one) and check out the new Greta Gerwig film with Tony (and choc tops). Here are a few good things to share, I hope you're feeling happy and rested:

Travel friendly desserts (for cars and bikes!).

Life at three.

It's good weather for a serious spaghetti carbonara.

A phone case with stickers via Soph.

Tempted to treat myself to this beautiful book.

This interview with Zoe Foster Blake.

Super cute ceramics (with faces).

And I'm part way through Sarah Ferguson's talk about the making of The Killing Season and it's unreal.

P.S I met this pup Barkly on my lunch break :)

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