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29 July 2016

It's never happened to me before but I caught another cold just as I was getting better from my last one. So this weekend I'll be laying low, drinks tons of tea and keeping warm. I'm really hoping I'll recover quickly so I can make some bread and ease myself back into exercise, keep your fingers crossed for me! Wishing you a happy weekend:

The New Yorker on Snapchat.

Cold and flu remedies that taste good too.

Extremely cute pinafore dress.

Productive procrastination.

A yummy looking chicken curry (with homemade curry paste).

A French-inspired outfit recipe (that's comfy too).

Cult New York takeaway tried and tested (the pasta!).

We're onto our final winter pumpkin - I tried this pumpkin and sage penne recipe this week, it's vegan so I added parmesan cheese and a splash of cream :)

And a fun story I worked on this week, especially loved producing the podcast.

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