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01 July 2016

This week I experimented with setting my alarm five minutes earlier, hoping it would mean I'd have an extra nice breakfast before it was time to leave for work. But it's been so chilly that I slept in every day! I tried :) I'm working election night but on Sunday, Tony and I are going on a burger date at one of our favourite places in town. Can't wait.

Love these denim overalls.

Strawberry Cinnamon Dutch Baby = Saturday breakfast.

A well-worded tribute to Bill Cunningham, may he rest in peace. If you haven't seen it, this doco is well worth a look (it's on iView right now) and he pops up in this one too, which features another NY Times great, the late David Carr.

Interested in this pepperoni pizza.

Good food, beautifully wrapped.

How to wear pyjamas in public.

Genius travel soap via Ebony.

Sticky-date pudding with chocolate.

A sweet introduction to the world's shortest podcast (each episode is 90 seconds!)

Curious about Zoe Foster-Blake's new book because I'm a bit of make-up dunce (and I picked up a bunch of great tips just from flipping through it at the bookstore).

And this week I made chilli for the first time and loved it. I used this super-quick recipe but my friend Sarah and my sister have both mentioned Jamie Oliver's version, so that's on my list to try.

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