Raiding the magazine stash

21 July 2016

There's a beautiful book shop at the end of our street that I visit most weekends, just to have a look around. The other week I found a copy of The Kinfolk Table and while I didn't buy it, it was a good reminder to revisit some of the magazines that are already on my bookshelf at home.

So lately I've been doing just that, making note of recipes I want to try (cauliflower and truffle soup please!), along with books and movies that I'd like to track down. Among the stack, there are a few American and European magazines and it's been especially nice to revisit issues that coincide with our current season.

What's in the stack? Old issues of Kinfolk, Fete Press, CherryBombe, Lucky Peach and The Happy Reader. Plus I've just discovered that my local library has just updated its online magazine titles, so I'm reading a few current issues on my iPad.

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