Outgoing birthday presents

12 July 2016

Here are a few items that went in the post last week, destined for two birthday girls. I love putting presents together and wrapping them too. I've recently learnt how to send tiny packages but every now and then something more substantial is required, especially if a birthday's involved.

Lately I've been putting together a collection of things, instead of buying one main item. As a super rough guide, I tend to pick one or two things that make ordinary days feel a bit more special plus one item that's more of a gamble.

For Christina, my sister-in-law, I chose a bottle of Aesop body wash, a bag of my favourite tea-time chocolates and since she's a great reader, my gamble present was a copy of The Spare Room by Helen Garner.

Christina and I both share Haruki Murakami as a favourite author, and we both love non-fiction so I figured sending her one of my favourite books from a new-to-her author might just work. And because she adores birds of all kinds, I dug out this budgie wrapping paper that I had in my stash and found a bright card to match (here's another great one from Kiki.K).

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