Modest home improvements

10 July 2016

When we were packing up our Wagga house and preparing to move to Canberra, I decided to start saving for a new sofa, a dinner set that matched and maybe a desk and chair too. In the end we added two new bookshelves, a couple of short stools and called it a day. As it turns out, really little things have helped our current place feel like our cosiest home yet:

Last month I won these beautiful wooden coasters from a cute gift shop in town, and each one is a different colour. They look lovely even when they're not in use. I also bought this bright yellow pepper grinder, which happens to go nicely with this cheery napkin holder we found at IKEA.

Since Easter we've been using the Simply Clean range of hand soap and dishwashing liquid (and bathroom spray if I'm being really honest!). I bought it for the scent and and because it's a lot more natural (and environmentally friendly) than the cheaper stuff we were buying at Aldi.

We've switched from shower gel to bar soap for similar reasons :) I've been buying both at the health food store, which sells refills of the Simply Clean range if you bring your own bottle. To make things look a little nicer, I bought a few plain soap dispensers from Muji and replaced our usual bright blue chux with a washable (knitted!) cloth.

And when I had a few days off, I did a pantry stocktake (inspired by Melissa) which was definitely worth the effort. Now everything's stored neatly, nothing is out of date and I've stopped buying multiples of ingredients we already have. Originally I was keen on matching jars but ended up sticking with what we already owned and adding just a few new ones. Things looking a little different is really nice.

We're still thinking about building a little home office but for now we're both happy working on the dining table because it's nice and close to the heater and seems to be working just fine :)

P.S A mini house tour of our Canberra apartment.

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