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24 June 2016

I've been very focussed and productive this week so I feel like I've really earned my weekend. We've stocked up on TV snacks (sour cream and chive soy crisps and Starburst for me!) and are planning to watch this movie and maybe get along to a yoga class. I hope you stay warm in this cold snap!

A cheesy TV dinner.

Radiolab's new podcast More Perfect, which delves into stories from the US Supreme Court via Megan.

New release books - I've ticked off one title already and have reserved another from the library :)

My friend Vanessa put me onto these dense and delicious Mexican wedding cookies.

How to throw a house party in Japan (there's a course for it!) via Ebony.

A salted caramel cheesecake that's bound to make you a few new friends.

An important life skill.

Thinking of giving this capsule wardrobe planner a go.

Plus something for next week - you can vote at Old Parliament House.

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